Window into my mind

I have a lot of things rambling through my mind at any given time. Today, I am pondering my life with Fibromyalgia. Since I was diagnosed October 2011, I have learned several things. 1st, I’ve had it for at least 10 years and didn’t know it. It’s a progressively debilitating disease. Like any other chronic disease it robs you of small parts of yourself a little at a time. I am a mere echo of my former self. My mind is the same, but my body feels like it is coming apart at the seams most of the time. I choose to dwell on the things I am still able to do, as opposed to the things I can no longer do. I try to maintain a positive outlook on all things.

I want to encourage, inspire and occasionally sound off on issues that impress me as ridiculous. Whatever you are, be that honestly. Don’t let the forum of public opinion force you into a false interpretation of yourself. You are free to be who you are. Do not allow other peoples opinions to be more important to you than yours. You have a gift called life. Live it and know that you are free.



2 thoughts on “Window into my mind

  1. The Spirit of you Ava is strong and I will keep you in my prayer cirlce of hope on healing. Know that miracles do occur and the power of faith in your Spirit can cause the Comforter to began the healing and one day no pain and another day and so on and your praise will give the glory to God and folks, and doctors may not believe but you will know, I have 2 canes and a walker on wheels that I dont need thanks be to God’s mercy and grace the pain is gone no more oxy’s , motrin 800, you know I dont do pain and mr arthritis can kick rocks we to young 🙂 I like your window on life, yes we only have it once, lets live it up, like Peter who walked on water by keeping his eye on Jesus, but fell in the water by look down at where he was with doubt, speak life and healing as I do on your life and mine, remember I adopted you as my young twin …lol God’s favor and blessing be on your life and Family….

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