What is it about us?

I’m watching “My 600lb Life.” & I find myself wondering why we have to be at death’s door before we feel moved to make a change in our lives? 
This is not limited to weight loss. But why do we have to stand at the precipice of death, looking into the face of our own mortality, before we can say I don’t need another drink,, cigarette, cupcake or whatever it is that we’re doing that is moving us closer and closer to the grave?
Then we want an instant fix. We want to go to the Dr, take a pill, get a shot, or have surgery and be back to normal. We want someone to save us.
Who can save you from yourself? We have to start looking in the mirror to find the hero in our lives.
Reality check: you are the hero you seek. You cannot reverse years of self abuse in a 20 minute appointment at your Dr’s office. If you want to change,  stop whining,  stop making excuses,  stop waiting for someone to save you from YOU, and do it yourself. When you change your mind, you can change your life.


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