Be aware of your power. 
Each of us is born with a spark of the spirit of the Divine. It is the force that gives us life. From the moment of conception that spark is within us. I consider that spark a piece of Divine power.
What that means to me is we can all stop waiting for God to work things out for us, and be about the business of working things out for ourselves. I’m not saying stop praying or that anything is wrong with prayer. I am saying after you are done praying about it, move into the next phase and DO something about it. Use the Divine power within yourself and take care of your business. Like Dorothy from The Wiz you’ve had what you need….what you’ve been looking for all along.
Next thing we need to do is watch who we give our power to. Here’s what I mean by that……as long as you allow something or someone to have power over you and your thoughts, you are giving them your power.
If you want your power back. Take it back. How you go about taking your power back is simple, change your mind. When you change your mind about a situation or set of circumstances, you also change your response to the situation. That sounds so easy. Truthfully it is as easy as you allow it to be. When you stop struggling with SELF and do what you need to do, you will suddenly find that you are free. And the only thing that was holding you where you were, was you.
I encourage all of us to set ourselves free so we can move on with the business of fulfilling our mission here on earth. Which is to love ourselves and each other as the Divine does….. Exactly as we are.



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