My birthday is coming up. I love my birthday. I’m like a little kid. I wear a tiara, last year I wore wings. This year I think I’ll add a tutu and a wand.
This year I’m planning a silk scarf painting party at “Inspiration Uncorked” in Ferndale. I’m excited about my cake. I have several themes this year. Rainbow color scheme, in honor of the LGBT movement. Bird of Paradise flower, in honor of my family members who have passed on. Butterflies and hummingbirds, because I love them so much. I’m a real bug fan. Gummie bears and worms. Licorice because my brother likes them, and he’s taking the time to come to my party, which is cool and awesome. Glow bracelets, because they’re cool and I’m crazy.
I’m going to serve cake, fruit and veggies, meat and cheese, and wine. It’s going to be fabulous and so much fun!!!! It’s a shame I only have one birthday per year. My daughter said maybe I should save some of the fabulousness 20130721_165657until my 50th birthday. I said, absolutely not!!! What if I die in a horrific accident the day after my birthday? No can do babe. I’m living my life and having my fun now. Another birthday is not promised to anyone. I have 2 years to plan my 50 & fabulous, I can do something different by then. Maybe, I’ll have a carnival for my 50th, with acrobats, clowns and rides. Let’s save the date!


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