Things on my mind today

The lady who thinks she is Barbie and wants to really BE Barbie so she has decided to live on light and air only. Apparently, there is religion call Breatharian, that believes they can live on light and air alone. They also believe that by staring into the sun, they receive nourishment from the alien mothership. Somehow they absorb nourishment this way. Surprisingly, there are not a lot of followers, as most in the movement tend to die of malnutrition.

Why are people suddenly trying to look like dolls? Aren’t dolls supposed to look like people? Just my opinion, but folks have gone crazy. What is wrong with being who and what you are? Why are we teaching our children that they are not enough? So they are spending money and time trying to be someone or something else.

Again, this is just my opinion, but I really think we are ruining our children. We spend our money and time trying to create a perfect world for them. Then when they reach adulthood, they are ill prepared to deal with the real world or real life. So, our children, as adults wander through life looking for definition and meaning in foolish things. Because we have taught them that who and what they are is not enough. Trying to be a living doll. Trying to live on air and light.

Please begin to teach our children that they are enough. Stop trying to make their lives perfect. Life is not perfect. People are not perfect. They will never be perfect. Teach them to enjoy things as they are, people as they are, themselves as they are. They must learn to look within to find contentment. They will never find it looking without themselves. I believe this will someday result in the world being a better place.

Treat each other with love and kindness.


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