Birthday Musings

It would seem that the rest of the world has finally reached the conclusion that my birthday “March 20,” is international “Happy Day.” I have known this instinctively for years. Now, in addition to being the 1st day of spring. which is itself reason to celebrate, it is also international “Happy Day.”

Simply put, what could be better than that?

This year I have been celebrating my birthday since March 1, and plan to go clear through March 31, just to make sure I don’t miss anything. I am like a small child on Christmas, when it comes to my birthday.

This past weekend I had more fun than you should really be allowed to have. Friday, I went to Drag Queen Bingo at Five15 in Royal Oak, with 50 of my friends. This outing was a birthday celebration for my soul mate, and of course I shared in the celebration. We had so much fun. Everyone laughed so hard, our cheeks were hurting. Believe it when they say, “This aint your grandma’s bingo.” A good time was had by all.

Then on Saturday, my birthday party was at Inspiration Uncorked in Ferndale, and we painted silk scarfs. It was more fun than any of us thought it would be. I of course, dressed appropriately as the birthday girl, in a tutu and tiara, with matching colors on my neck, wrists and ankles. I simply loved every second of it.

I honestly believe in being Happy. I think there is something that makes each person blissfully happy, and as long as no one gets hurt, we should all pursue that THING. For no other reason, than because it makes you “HAPPY.”

So, my birthday message, is find something that makes you HAPPY and do it!




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