Think on this

I went to a program today called “Beyond Black and White.”

May I just say, it was AWESOME!!!

Dr. Michael Fowlin does a one man show. It’s very thought provoking. Made me think about inclusion and diversity.

We, as humans, must find a way to SEE each other as we really are. Without the mask that we put on every day for the world. Quite possibly, we should start taking off our own masks, showing the world who we really are, that would make it easier for others to do the same.

We’ve got to stop being afraid to share, show, feel our pain. All of us have painful things that happen to us. Why are we so afraid to talk about them with others? If we took the time to share our pain, we would find more people who are dealing with the same thing. Also, the process of telling our story will lift a burden from ourselves, but even if it’s not the same as what someone else is going through, it will lift their burden, just knowing they are not the only one going through SOMETHING.

I try to accept everyone as they are and where they are. I do this mostly because I would like to be received that way. I think it is important not to pre-judge people, mostly because I don’t like to be pre-judged.

I leave you with this thought, I love you & there’s nothing you can do about it.





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