This place

What do you think your mission here on the planet is?  If your answer has anything to do with anyone other than you, you’ve got your mission instructions confused.
Parents are responsible for their children’s general well being until they reach adulthood. After that it’s on them, and you can go back to your personal mission.
It is a mistake to expect your children to live their life for your satisfaction. You have to attain satisfaction for yourself. Waiting for someone else (anyone) to do ________, in order for you to be happy,  means you will spend your entire life unhappy. Simply because you cannot control others. Truth be told, it’s nearly impossible to control yourself. (We all have a habit or addiction or whatever you want to call it, that we feel we cannot control. Smoking, eating, drinking, etc….)
If you’re unhappy with you don’t try to throw that garbage anywhere else. Either make you happy while you are here, or prepare to die unhappy. There is no in-between. If you are happy, then you’re happy. If you are unhappy,  then you’re unhappy. Any other factors are outside of your control.
The same can be said for these people who are killing their significant others and/or themselves. That madness needs to stop immediately. You lived for 20/30/40 years of your life successfully without them. I submit that you can survive a minimum of the same amount of time without your them. Again if you are happy, you’re happy. If you are unhappy, you’re unhappy. Stop putting others in the mix.




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