I have varied interests. I am a hot or cold type person. I generally either really like something, or I really don’t. There are very few things that I am neutral about. When something comes up that I am neutral about, I will blog about it. I like butterflies and praying mantids. I like animals of all types especially watching them. I like rainbows. I am a scientist and an explorer at heart. I like Star Trek and crime shows like Bones, Rizzoli & Isles, Major Crimes, cable series like House of Lies and Shameless. I like most of the cartoon movies that come out, Ice Age, Kung Fu Panda, Despicable Me, are some of my favorites. I like action movies, GI Joe, Columbiana, Expendables, Star Trek, etc. I don’t like reality shows, and chick flicks make my brain ooze from my ears.
I have 3 children that I love. I like spending time with my family. I have no pets.


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